Coupons Adam in Eva – Cause I Care Pink


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Coupons Adam in Eva – Cause I Care Pink


Very special gift – coupons that will bring out big smiles!


In notepad coupons Adam in Eva you will find 10 different coupons. With each one you give a piece of your attention to your loved one and you get one extra blank coupon for fulfil special  wish at your choice. Give whole notepad  or just individual coupons for special occasions. The choice is yours.



  • size: 15 cm x 5,7 cm
  • 1 blank coupons
  • 10 occasional coupons:
    • I cook today

      Time for you


      Tidying up

      Cup of Coffee

      Picking you up

      Breakfast in bed

      Help you up

      Movie of you choice

      Go with you