Dino Slime Play – Green Slime


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Dino Slime Play – Green Slime


It's playtime! It's time for messy and multi-sensory play.


Give your child a completely new play experience. Add some water and create miniature adventure geli world filled with dinosaurs. Dino Slime Play Green Slime is a powder that will colour and thicken the water and create a magical world of dinosaurs.

The product is completely safe to use, does not contain boric acid or its derivate nor leaves any traces! After use we simply dissolve the substance with the received powder. It doesn’t damage drains.



Let the fun begin!


Video presentation of product and usage:



  • 1x Slime Baff

  • 2x fantasy figurine

  • instructions

  • not suitable for children younger than 36 months

  • does not contain dangerous chemicals

  • biodegradable

  • indegredients: Sodium Acrylate Copolymer, Colourants, Parfum Strawberry.