Game – Selfish Space


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Game – Selfish Space


A game where your friends are enemies in space.


How far would you go to save yourself? Totally selfish behaviour and utter ruthlessness will be needed to stay alive in this game. Only one astronaut can get home on the remaining oxygen supplies and you must battle against wormholes, asteroid fields, laser blasts and most dangerous of all, each other, to win! Full of clever puns and pop culture references, this ruthless strategy card game includes 5 player cards, 1 spaceship card, 42 space cards, 48 oxygen cards, 30 game cards, a place marker and instructions. 2 or more players, ages 7+ and 20 minutes of gameplay.


Let the spacewalk be full of surprises.




  • the set contains: play cards for up to 5 players, instructions
  • package dimensions: 21 x 16 cm
  • suitable for 7 years and above
  • for 2 – 5 players
  • average game play is 20 minutes