Happy Lights – Winter


Decorative lights.

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Happy Lights – Winter


Bring colour into your home.


Be inspired, be cool, be creative, bring color into your life! Happy Lights will create a wonderful atmosphere in your home. They can make your evenings even more romantic, you can redecorate the living room or simply hang them on the mirror in your favorite corner. It is so easy, just hang them and plug them using USB connector (the plug is not included). You can even place them on a table to make beautiful table decoration. The only limit is your imagination!

Choose your favorite box. Each color combination carries its own story and is inspired by the magical scenes of the overflowing colors of the world's landscapes, magnificent nature and exceptional people. Our balls are handmade in the villages of Thailand by skilled craftswomen and are environmentally friendly.  



  • 20 LED lights on straight cable
  • USB connector
  • USB plug is NOT included
  • the distance between the individual lights is 10 cm
  • the lights are arranged on a 190 cm cable
  • an additional 150 cm of cable to the USB plug
  • decorative bun material: colored yarn
  • the diameter of each ball is 7 cm
  • each ball has a 4 mm notch for easyer assembly with a LED lights
  • you get 20 balls in your gift packaging, which you can arrange on a cord with LED lights according to your taste
  • for indoor only