Mini Print – Three Butterflies



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Mini Print – Three Butterflies


Invite nature to your home!


These fabulous prints of insects can bring some vibrant atmosphere to your place. Put them on shelves, window sills or hang them on the wall and your home will be full of life.

Liljebergs is a collection of images based on Göran Liljebergs photography of insects and other object from  nature. Result of great passion for insects and macro photography are prints that brings nature to your home. Each image consists of sometimes hundreds of images stacked together for sharpness and  details.   



  • size A5: 15 cm x 21 cm
  • frame: black wood, glass, 12 mm thick, 12 mm wide
  • back support for standing
  • light grey background
  • supreme quality print on 200 g paper
  • made in Stockholm